in side out side in -- 2015
10 Song Audio CD

Audio CD packaged in cardboard eco-wallet.

Flares (single) -- 2013

Morning Song (single) -- 2012

Untold (2011)
11 Song Audio CD

Includes a 9.5 by 18.5 fold out poster with extension of cover art by watercolor artist Tonia Martin.

When We're There I'll Let You Know (2008)
12 Song Audio CD

Everyday Things (2006)
11 Song Audio CD

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"In Side Out Side In" was nominated for Best Album in the Female Singer Songwriter Category of the JPF Music Awards!  In addition the song "Go" was nominated for Best Song in the same category, "Meet Me" and "Stay" were also nominated for Best Song in the New Age category. Thanks Just PLain Folks!









Missing Someone? Here is "To You"


Rachel Wagner
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