What's New?

August 14, 2019 - After years of working solo, 2019 brought me the distinct pleasure of joining the band Acharya. The video below was my first collaboration with these talented guys on the single "Stand".


What now?

Since then, Acharya has been making one new minute of music every week.  As of August 14, 2019, we have written 30 pieces in all. Our plan is to choose our favorites and turn them into full songs, so stay on the lookout for lots of new music from me and my sweet band dudes Josh and Daniel. We are Acharya. 

The video below is a sample of one of our Acharya Minutes from this year. All of our work can be viewed on the Acharya Band youtube channel.  

Acharya Minute "Hope"


photo by Mathiana Montoya

You might be asking:

"What will happen to all the Rachel Wagner music now that you've joined that super cool band, Acharya?"


Everything I have made will still be available in all the usual places. Whether or not I will continue to make new solo work remains to be seen. In the meantime, check out what Acharya is doing. I'm excited about it!